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Honours and Timeline

CMChampionship Season 1


星空の下でセレナーデ (captain)


January 2018

Start of Season 1 CMChampionship

March 2018

CMChampionship Season 1 Champions: WHYsoNERVOUS

May 2018

Start of CMCup (Solo cup competition)

July 2018

CMCup Champion: xfrostJr
CMCup Runner-up: Hao
CMCup Semi-Finalist: lol and Luis

CMCup Winner of B16 Bracket: Sheepsean69

November 2018

Start of Season 2 CMChampionship

February 2019

End of CMChampionship Season 2

CMChampionship Season 2 Winner: Sandmen
xfrostJr, Baby.Luke, InForTea, SandtheGold, Vrgl, Baocaimian

MVP: xfrostJr (12 wins)

May 2019

Start of CMCup Season 2

September 2019

End of CMCup Season 2

Winner: Joqeewee
Runner-up: General Royale
Semi-Finalist: CM and Msmisa

B16 winner: Yukiatwin

January 2020

Start of CMChampionship Season 3

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